NGOs & Advocacy Groups

Our Charities & Foundations Practice has built a reputation on delivering the industry's most talented and sought after individuals to our clients. Our consultants are trained by industry professionals and they regularly attend bespoke seminars hosted by our key clients and candidates – this keeps us abreast of industry events and ensures we are equipped to match our client and candidate needs effectively.


We believe we can offer a highly efficient service to prospective clients and always work in a strategic partnership, ensuring we are able to fill even the most complex mandates. We possess strong relationships with leading organisations and institutions and, using our unique proprietary tracking system, we are able to keep up to date with the career progression of potential candidates within our network.


Our team is supported by a strong research team, advertising with appropriate online media and our extensive database. The practice has extensive experience recruiting for a number of leading grant making foundations and indirect charities such as trusts, primary and secondary funds and gatekeepers.. The team recruits across all segments and our coverage in the Sub-Saharan African markets spans the following areas:

·          Public Health / Vaccine / Global Health / Health Financing

·          Global / Regional Development

·          Global / Regional Poilcy and Advocacy

·          Education / Development Education

·          Agricultural & Rural Markets Development

·          Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

·          Aid & Humanitarian Affairs

·          Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households

·          Grants Management

·          Program Management & Administration

·          Research and Development

·          Innovation & Access to Technology

·          Access to Finance & Financial Inclusion

·          Country, Policy & Regional Studies

·          Finance & Strategic Planning

·          Communication and Operations Management